Guided Winter Raft Tours

Experience the breathtaking beauty and solitude of winter, while floating beneath a canopy of cedars and pines covered with freshly fallen snow. Since 2001, our knowledgeable staff has been guiding Rafts down the crystal-clear Sturgeon River on a fun and narrative 1½ hr trip, offering an excellent opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat. We can accommodate groups of up to 8 people in our Rafts that are spacious, relaxing, and a great "team booster".

Check out our Guided Winter Rafting:

Most importantly, they do not tip over! In the winter, our Raft trips are Guided Only, to ensure the highest safety standards. All equipment is U.S. Coast Guard approved and safety-inspected, and Type III Lifejackets are required to be worn by all participants. No experience is necessary, but participation is required (this involves TEAMWORK!). A truly unique trip with memories to last a lifetime!

Rates include all equipment, shuttle service, and guide. No experience necessary, just warm clothes and a camera! To ensure that we have one of our knowledgeable guides available, reservations are required. We offer 3 departure times daily usually 10:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 2:30 pm (However, departure times may vary slightly as daylight lengthens), available 7 days/week throughout the winter. Please call for availability and more information!
Rates are per person, and there is a $120 minimum. If you are just 1-2 rafters, we will give you the option to merge with another small group.

Winter Rafting Rates
Type Rate Per Person
Adults (13+) $45/ea
Youth (6-12) $29/ea
Youth (5 and under) $12/ea

*8 adults maximum per Raft, 14 adults maximum at a time. Occasionally we can take groups with more than 14 people if our 3rd Rafting Guide is available. If you have more than 14 people in your group, you could easily split the group into 2 with one half rafting while the other half snowshoes; everyone could then meet for lunch and switch activities.
(Please see Our Winter Packages page for more info).

What to Wear

Please dress warm! The key to staying warm during your Winter rafting adventure is to dress in layers. Your bottom and feet are the most vulnerable to getting chilly. Therefore, remember to wear your long underwear layered with polypropylene or fleece, warm socks and winter boots, wool or fleece hats, gloves, scarves, neck gators, a warm winter jacket, and we highly recommend an outdoor shell/windbreaker overtop of your pants. We also conveniently sell hand and foot warmer packets, hats, mittens, and scarves in our general store.