15 Activities for Your Church Youth Group Retreat

15 Activities for Your Church Youth Group Retreat
on Feb 18, 2020


15 Activities for Your Church Youth Group Retreat

15 Activities for Your Church Youth Group Retreat

A church retreat is one of the best ways for youngsters to practice teamwork and form bonds. Leaving your regular meeting space behind sparks excitement and teaches the kids how to get out of their comfort zones. However, finding space to host a church youth group retreat can be a challenge if your church doesn’t own a designated property. Thankfully, Big Bear Adventures is a fun and affordable option for those planning Christian summer camps in Michigan. You can enjoy all the best parts of camp—bunk beds, games, sunshine, and fresh air—without breaking the bank. These are 15 of our favorite youth group activities.

Youth Group Activities for your Church Retreat

When you host Christian summer camps in Michigan’s Indian River, you’ll never run out of indoor and outdoor youth group games. And many of the activities can’t be found back home. Here’s our list:

  1. The largest crucifix in the world, the Cross in the Woods, makes Indian River one of the best places for a church retreat. Hold bible study in the adjacent park benches

  2. River rafting on the Sturgeon River

  3. Ropes course for balance, dexterity, and focus

  4. Pick up trash and picnic in Burt Lake State Park

  5. Friendly competition with bumper boats

  6. 18-hole adventure golf

  7. Learn to communicate and row in sync in a canoe

  8. Hold “canteen” at the general store—an essential part of all Christian summer camps in Michigan

  9. Spend the night camping with your church youth group

  10. Group crafts like friendship bracelets or finger knitting

  11. Play capture the flag, one of the most active outdoor youth group games

  12. Sing around the campfire at Northwoods Lodge or a local campground

  13. Play sardines in the park

  14. Make tie blankets to donate. You can cut the fabric before leaving home to save time on the church retreat

  15. Cook unleavened bread in the Big Bear Dorm kitchen. This is especially good for church youth groups going through their first communion

The Best Christian Summer Camps in Michigan for Church Youth Groups

No two church youth groups are the same, and at Big Bear Adventures, we don’t believe in one size fits all. There are countless youth group activities and accommodations to fit your group’s age, size, and personality. Rambunctious and quiet kids alike will find the perfect church retreat here in Indian River. Contact us today to plan your personalized group trip!