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With an average descent of 14 feet per mile, the Sturgeon River is the fastest river in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula! Not whitewater, but exciting and challenging with its quick and often tricky current, along with leaning trees, stumps, and logs (especially when navigating through numerous narrow passages and sharp turns!) The current does most of the work, but it is up to you and/or your partner(s) to maneuver your watercraft down the crystalclear, spring-fed stream, as it winds its way mostly through beautiful state forest. The average depth is 3-4 feet, however, there are deeper pools that can reach 5-8 feet, usually around the outside of bends. Plan on getting wet as many of our guests take an unplanned “refreshing” dunk! (approx. 80% tipover rate for Kayaks on longer trips, 0% for Rafts). Various types of paddlers can enjoy this exhilarating adventure as long as close attention is paid to the type of equipment used, as well as the section and/or length of the river trip. The shorter trips are less technical/easier and strongly recommended for Sturgeon River “first-timers”.