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Whether you’re on a group outing, coworker retreat, or spending time with your family at Big Bear Adventures, we offer a variety of options for an adventure in Michigan for all groups large and small! Using teamwork and communication is essential when it comes to having a successful day out with a larger group. Your family will make memories that will be sure to last a lifetime during your Michigan Vacations with our adventures that are meant for group activities that bring everyone together!

Family Group Outing
When you’re on your family vacations and are looking for things to do in Michigan with kids, there are many options offered with our Family Fun Center. Encourage your kids while they walk the tightropes and defeat the swinging steps on the Ropes Course. You’re loved ones will be safely harnessed as they make their way through the many different challenges throughout the course and will be among their favorite adventure in Michigan! After claiming victory on the Ropes Course make your way to the Bumper Boats as you rock, crash, spin and spray one another from your bumper boat! Once you’ve had your fill of the Ropes Course and Bumper Boats, relax in the afternoon with a fun game of 18- Hole Adventure Golf! Many obstacles are placed throughout the 18-hole adventure, so take the time to coach your little ones through the mini golf course! To enjoy all three experiences and make a full day itinerary, view the details of our Triple Play package online where you can save big money while packing on the adventure!

Rafting with a Group
Make a splash while having a fantastic adventure rafting down the Sturgeon River Michigan with your group. This is not a slow-moving leisurely adventure, you will get wet, and everyone on your raft will be laughing, screaming, and having the time of their life! When you’re river rafting in Michigan, you’ll encounter logs along the way where you will be forced to use your communication skills and work as a team when flying down the fastest river in Michigan! You’ll pass by deer, ducks, bald eagles, as well as other wildlife peaking out from the woods along the Sturgeon River along the way! Our rafts fit five to seven, so depending on group size, you may need to have a couple of groups, and pick rafting teams to see what group works better together during the ride!

Spacious Rentals in Michigan

There are many opportunities to have an adventure in Michigan with Big Bear Adventures, and whether you want to go Big Bear tubing or Indian River kayaking, our staff is dedicated to making sure you have the best Michigan vacations out on the water! We have a variety of Group Packages for those traveling for school field trips, coworker retreats, youth group gatherings, and for those with large families! To prepare for your trip, our friendly staff is eagerly awaiting your upcoming adventures, check out our packages online. When you’re ready to book your stay, Northwoods Lodge offers 15 rooms that were recently renovated to provide optimum comfort! When the amenities of home are a must, check out our Big Bear Dorm with fully equipped kitchens! To inquire about our lodging options, give us a call at 1-231-238-8181!

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