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a man is cross country skiing in the snow

Adventure isn’t limited to a season. Although the best things to do change with the weather, there’s never a shortage of new things to try. Rain or shine or snow, Big Bear Adventures always has a way to get outside and have some fun. The winter activities in Michigan are numerous, and many of them are even more exhilarating than traditional summer activities. We look forward to the snow all year so that we can enjoy these seasonal sports. Whether you’re interested in snowshoeing in Michigan or cross country skiing, Big Bear Adventures has just the thing for you.

Winter River Rafting in Michigan

Perhaps the most unique option at Big Bear Adventures is our winter river trips. River rafting in Michigan is always beautiful and exciting, and the scenery only gets better in the winter. The fresh snow clings to the trees overhead and glitters in the morning sun, and the lack of foliage makes it easier to spot wildlife along the river banks.

Cross Country Skiing Big Bear

For a more common snow sport than you can do almost anywhere with snow, go cross country skiing in Michigan. Big Bear cross country skiing is an affordable and convenient activity because we provide rental skis and are close to some of the best cross country skiing Michigan trails. Wildwood Hills Pathway is just a few minutes away, and its trails are suitable for skiers of all skill levels.

Best Snowshoeing in Michigan

Snowshoeing in Michigan is more simple than cross country skiing Big Bear, but both of these winter activities in Michigan are equally worthwhile. Our rental snowshoes are lightweight and easy to use. Seven Springs Nature Preserve and Burt Lake State Park are right outside our doors, so you can strap on your snowshoes and get moving right away.

Winter Activities in Michigan One-Stop-Shop

When you want to try more than one of the many winter activities in Michigan, Big Bear Adventures is the place to go. We’re experts in fun, and we’ll share our favorite adventures with you all year long. Call 231-238-8181 to book with us and enjoy a discount at the elegantly rustic Northwoods Lodge.

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