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You arrive at the Northwoods Lodge surrounded by gorgeous wood settings and a peaceful environment. You check in and head to your cozy room. The room is filled with beautiful log furniture and wildlife art that gives a sense of warmth. There is an in-room Jacuzzi and a comfortable king bed. You spend the evening under the stars by the bonfire and keep yourself warm with a cup of hot chocolate. Then you head to bed for the Michigan winter vacation adventures ahead.

You wake up and enjoy the free continental breakfast and then you and your partner head over to Big Bear Adventures to start your day. You sign in for your winter rafting adventure where you will work together and paddle your way through the twists and turns down the crystal-clear Sturgeon River. This is a great partner challenge as it builds communication and teamwork to navigate the raft. It also offers relaxation, as winter is the most peaceful and serene times of the year.

After the hour and a half winter rafting trip, you warm up with a hot sandwich and a cup of soup and the Subway restaurant. Then once you are nice and toasty, you venture outside for a hike. Our staff fits you for snowshoes and gives you instructions, and then off you go to one of the beautiful local trails. You spend time talking and laughing on your snowshoeing adventure and take in the fresh air. You also spot some wildlife along the way such as deer, turkey, and bald eagles. After some exercise, you head back to Big Bear to return your rentals and then back to Northwoods Lodge to get cleaned up and ready for dinner.

You enjoy the dining at Vivio’s Italian and American Restaurant in Indian River MI. Since 1938, Vivio’s has offered excellent cuisine, in their rustic log cabin with red and white checkered tablecloths and a broad range of wildlife mounts. After dinner, you return to the Northwoods Lodge to play cards and read a book by the fireplace in the lobby and then get a good night’s sleep before the next day’s drive home.



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