Challenging Mid-Section Trip

We offer a "Mid-Section" trip for those who want the faster, most challenging part of the river, but don't necessarily want or have the time to do the Wolverine (5 hr.) trip, and/or wouldn't mind skipping the last 1 1/2 hrs. of the river (which is the easier section, has more homes/cottages, and at peak times more congested with rafts and tubes). This trip ends at N. White Rd, which is the most commonly used put-in point (and which we own). This trip is definitely for more advanced paddlers!
Mid-Section Trip Pricing
Put-In/Take-Out Approx. Float Time Canoe Rate/Person Kayak Rate/Person Tandem Kayak/Person Cat (Big Green)/Person Departure Times
Rondo Access to N. White Rd 2.5 Hours $37 $45 $37 $39 9:30-2:30 (every hour)
Wolverine to N. White Rd 3.5 Hours $41 $47 $41 $42 9:30-11:30 (every hour)

"Haul-it-Yourself" Rentals



This program provides an excellent opportunity for you to rent an aluminum Canoe, Solo Kayak or Tube (sorry, no Old Town Canoes or Tandem Kayaks, Cats or Rafts) and transport it yourself to and from a nearby lake, beach, or stream. Equipment must be rented and/or returned between the hours of 8:30 am and 7:00 pm. Requires a signed, open-ended credit card slip for security equipment deposit. "Haul-it-Yourself" Rates: are per aluminum Canoe or Kayak, and include paddles and flotation devices.


"Haul-it-Yourself" Rental Pricing (Tubes are $12 per tube due back by 10am next day)
Up to 24 Hours 2 Days 3 Days Monday - Friday Full Week (7 Days)
$35 $59 $69 $79 $99

Spotting/Shuttle Services



We can provide transportation for guests and their privately-owned equipment (Canoes or Kayaks). Trips depart with our regularly scheduled trips and are based on availability. The rates help us with: continual river maintenance and cleaning (we easily put in over 100 hours per year), and maintenance of the put-in / access points. We own the most commonly used put-in/take-out, we have a commercial lease w/ 3 state-owned access points, our drivers have medical cards, chauffeur's and/or CDL driver's licenses, all of our vehicles and trailers are commercially licensed and insured, use of our facilities/changing rooms/restrooms, and last but not least, we have over 30 years worth of knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of the Sturgeon River (current water levels/conditions included!). Spotting Rates: are per boat and include maps & transportation to the starting point.


Spotting/Shuttle Pricing
Put-In Point Approx. Float Time Private Canoe/Tandem Kayak Private Solo Kayak* Rate w/ Guest's Vehicle** Departure Times
N. White Rd 1.5 Hours $20 $13* $15 9:00-5:00 (every 0.5 hours)
S. White Rd 3 Hours $28 $19* $22 9:00-3:30 (every 0.5 hours)
Rondo Access 4 Hours $32 $21* $25 9:00-2:30 (every hour)
Wolverine 4 Hours $37 $23* $28 9:00-11:30 (every hour)
Trowbridge Rd 7-8 Hours $44 $27* $30 Please Contact Us

Overnight Pricing
Canoe Per Person Kaya/Solo Canoe Per Person
$43 $54


For those with your own equipment, please see our "Spotting/Shuttle Services" paragraph above.


Pigeon River Pricing
Boat Quantity Canoe Rate Kayak Rate
1 Boat $64 $49
2-3 Boats $59 $46
4+ Boats $54 $42

Overnight Trips

Pigeon River Pricing
Boat Quantity Sturgeon River Valley Dr. to M-68- Canoe Sturgeon River Valley Dr. to M-68- Kayak Sturgeon River Valley Dr. to Mullett Lk- Canoe Sturgeon River Valley Dr. to Mullett Lk- Kayak
1 Boat $110 $75 $125 $90
2-3 Boats $100 $70 $115 $85
4+ boats $80 $65 $105 $80


As mentioned above, these trips can be difficult and are not part of our regular trips offered. The starting point is quite a distance (traveling mostly down dirt roads), the equipment takes quite a bit of abuse, but some paddlers really like this type of true wilderness trip. If you're one of them, then call ahead as we do require reservations well in advance for these special trips.