What's the best way to spend a hot, sunny afternoon in beautiful Northern Michigan? Floating on a tube down a crystal-clear, refreshing river! River Tubing (aka: "Rump-Bumping") is a wet and extremely fun (often times hilarious) group adventure! We offer two types of tubes. Standard doughnut tubes have a large hole in the middle and two handles on top. Our new Deluxe tubes are made with thicker whitewater material and have a floor and high back for extra comfort and support. Recommended for: Everyone aged 6 and older, as long as they are comfortable and confident in, on, and around water. Tubing is best on a sunny day that's at least 70 degrees. We recommend the short trip for young children. Only one person is permitted to ride in each tube. Children under 6 cannot ride on their own tube, nor can they accompany an adult in a tube. Please Note: Tubes go slower than everything else, so a 2 hr. Raft trip will take 2.5 hours by Tube. Tube Rates: are per person (based on 1 person per tube)

Approx. Float Time Price Per Person Departure Times
1.5 Hours $14 (Deluxe: $20) 9:30-6:00 (every 0.5 hours)
2.5 Hours $18 (Deluxe: $25) 9:30-4:30 (every 0.5 hours)


Can we tie our tubes together?
Big Bear Adventures strongly discourages tying tubes together. Not only does the rope/bungees end up being left behind in the river, but it also does not allow tubers to break apart from each other when need be on the river. The Sturgeon River is a very technical and winding river with many natural elements that you will encounter while tubing (which is why we often refer to this as Adventure Tubing!). It is important to be able to break the group of tubers apart when going around a bend or encountering a log jam. Instead, Big Bear Adventures recommends putting your feet onto each other's tubes, and holding onto each other's handles that way you stay together for most of the trip, but can easily break apart if need be.
Do your tubes have holes in the bottom?
All of our tubes are the standard ring shaped tube with the hole in the bottom. This self-bailing design ensures that the tube does not fill with water while on the river.
Can my group tube and raft?
Groups can choose to tube and raft together, and is a great option for groups that want to try a variety of watercraft while on the Sturgeon. Many groups enjoy this mix of equipment because everyone gets a chance to try something different! However, please do keep in mind that tubes travel much slower downriver than rafts. The approximate 1 ½ hr tube trip, take approximately 1 hr by raft. Also, all of Big Bear Adventures trips end in Burt Lake State Park (directly across the street from our location). However, all paddlers end on the sandy beach of Burt Lake inside the State Park while tubers end approximately 10 minutes prior to the lake. Mixing of the tubes with other paddlecraft is feasible, but please be sure to keep this in mind when planning your trip.
Can I fish on the trip?
The Sturgeon River has a swift current that descends approximately 14 feet per mile. While fishing is a sport that you can enjoy on the Sturgeon, it is NOT recommended to do while paddling. There are many tight, narrow bends, overhanging trees/branches, and a swift current that will occupy you while paddling, and not leave you with time to fish. Also, there is a lot of private property along the river, and we must respect private landowners by remaining off their property. (Absolutely NO fishing allowed in rafts, tubes, cats, or other inflatables).