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Spotting/Shuttle Services For Private Equipment

Quick Details

N. White Road-Solo Approx. Float Time 1.5 Hours
S. White Road-Solo 3 Hours
Rondo Access-Solo 4 Hours
Wolverine-Solo 5 Hours
Trowbridge Rd-Solo Call to Book
N. White Road-Tandem Approx. Float Time 1.5 Hours
S. White Road-Tandem 3 Hours
Rondo Access-Tandem 4 Hours
Wolverine-Tandem 5 Hours
Trowbridge Rd-Tandem Call to Book

Worry-Less, Enjoy More of Indian River, MI

We can provide transportation for guests and their privately-owned equipment (Canoes or Kayaks). Trips depart with our regularly scheduled trips and are based on availability. The rates help us with: continual river maintenance and cleaning (we easily put in over 100 hours per year), and maintenance of the put-in / access points. We own the most commonly used put-in/take-out, we have a commercial lease w/ 3 state-owned access points, our drivers have medical cards, chauffeur’s and/or CDL driver’s licenses, all of our vehicles and trailers are commercially licensed and insured, use of our facilities/changing rooms/restrooms, and last but not least, we have over 30 years worth of knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of the Sturgeon River (current water levels/conditions included!). Spotting Rates: are per boat and include maps & transportation to the starting point.

The “Private Solo Kayak” rate is the rate per kayak if there are 2 or more kayaks, or if 1 private kayak is with a group of rental guests. To spot just 1 “Private Solo Kayak” all by itself, (and not with a group of rental guests), then the rate is the same as the “Private Canoe Or Tandem Kayak” spotting rates.

*Advantages of using Guest’s vehicle: costs less as we don’t use as much fuel and saves time as you only have to unload your equipment once. Unfortunately, during the busiest peak times, spotting using YOUR vehicle is not available.